Customer Focus:

For over 10 years, Arch has been one of the leading manufacturers of Blow Molded products supplying Millions and Millions of bottles to diverse Customers in Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Industries and Food & Beverage Industries. We keep our customer's best interests at the heart, following Customer Focused approach, building a long lasting loyal WIN-WIN business relationship.

Our strength is Custom molding, as well as various stock offerings available in Packers, Oblongs, Jars, Modern Rounds to Boston Rounds with various neck sizing options ranging from small cavitation to higher cavitation catering the high demand-supply needs.

Some of the key successful elements of WHY ARCH is considered as Customer-Focus Company:

  • Quick Turn around on any Custom Blow Molding projects.
  • Ability to provide a Quick Technical Evaluation on any new project.
  • Based on evaluation, prompt Techno-commercial Proposal will be provided.
  • Faster Decision Making for all capital Investment's on New Projects.
  • In-House capability of Extrusion Blow Molding Sampling.
  • Utilizes Vendor Managed Inventory system with NO-COST to Customer.
  • We are always committed to meet and exceed our customer expectations in quality and delivery of products by practicing on-going continuous improvement, just-in time approach, vendor managed inventory, technical resource deployment at a Customer facility when needed, while maintaining and managing a high level of customer service. Our success starts from buying prime FDA grade raw material, building Quality into our process with continuous monitoring & documenting various stages of process for approval of products.

    We have built a business culture that puts Customer service first, as Customers are an integral part of everything that we do at Arch and, on the agenda in all internal communications, team meetings and discussions. We highlight the great examples, and share customer feedback, and encourage all departments to participate in problem-solving and idea generations to improve the customer loyalty. This resulted in delivering consistent results more than what our Customer expects.

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