Custom Molded Products:


One of the key strengths of Arch is Custom molding; either it could be starting from scratch (design-stage)or any existing product that needs modification based on Customer objectives and demand considering performance, appeal and overall cost to the project. We are very pleased to say that we are part of many successful branded products that were launched in a record time satisfying the quality of the product to our customer.

Our well qualified and experienced Engineering team works very closely with Customers right from the conceptual stage to the final launch of the product, satisfying every need that a Customer wants bringing the packaging ideas to reality. Additionally our in-house designing capabilities and working relationship with vendors have resulted in various successful projects.

Considering the Quality of the products as well as economical reasons, the following two key parameters are considered for all the new custom projects:

  • For PET Products, we work closely with our customers considering & evaluating our existing preforms which reduce cost as well as the time-line of launching the product.
  • For HDPE Products, depending on the volume and critical bottle requirements, either IBM or EBM process is considered.
  • For EBM process, a product transition from Proto-typing to production is possible by working closely with our Customers through the design, sampling, and first artical and into mass production stage.

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